Fiji Women's Rights Movement


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The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement is a multiethnic and multicultural non-governmental organisation committed to removing discrimination against women through institutional reforms and attitudinal changes. Our vision is for the women of Fiji to be free from all forms of discrimination, have equal access to opportunities and to live in a healthy environment where the principles of feminism, democracy, good governance, multiculturalism and human rights prevail.

Previous campaign activities: 

Greetings from the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement! For the 2011 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, FWRM has produced two videos on the issue of security. Security means different things to different people and the aim of these videos was to get a snapshot of what it means to women in Suva, Fiji. These videos are vox populi (Latin for ‘voice of the people’ and a term often used in broadcasting for interviews with members of the general public). Video 1 For the first video, FWRM asked 22 women the following question: “What Does Security Mean to You?” You can view their responses here: or on our Facebook page: Video 2 For the second video, FWRM asked 16 women the following question: “What Does E-security Mean to You?” You can view their responses here: or on our Facebook page: