Day Eleven: Offline Activism II | Mobilise your stencils


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Strengthen the connection between what happens on digital spaces, and the physical spaces we occupy. Take your activism everywhere you go. Circulate the call to take back the tech, and the demand for a reality that is free from violence against women both online and offline.

Create mobile stencils!

Continuing from yesterday’s action, take your stencil designs from Day 10, and transmit the message. Start a conversation on how to take back the tech and let it travel.

  • Instead of t-shirts, stencil the “Take Back The Tech” designs on envelopes or pieces of paper
  • Write a message about creating spaces free from violence against women
  • Add this instruction: “Pass this on”
  • Stick them onto spaces where people travel – e.g. public transport like bus stops, lamp posts, traffic lights, streets, walls, anywhere.
  • Post the stencil design on your blog, website, email (don’t forget to tag it), and ask the recipient to pass it on.

Keep the message going, and move our activism from space to space. Happy stenciling :)